Roots & Wings Consulting was co-founded by Aisha Pope, LCSW, and Talin Yesaie, MFT. In our work with at-risk children and families in various settings throughout San Diego County, we noticed that all too often, interventions that targeted children alone failed to yield consistent or lasting results. We also noticed that the most progress was made by those children who had both:

ROOTS: loving and supportive adults in their lives who were invested in them, provided them with a solid foundation, helped them to develop the sense that they were capable, kept them safe while they learned the skills needed to keep themselves safe, helped them to feel a sense of belonging and significance, and gave them a place (or person) that felt like home;


WINGS: The freedom to explore their environment and their own capabilities, interests, and talents in progressively less restrictive ways; the opportunity and confidence to practice what they have learned without fear of judgment or abandonment; and the tools to do this safely and happily, and always with the knowledge that if they really needed it, someone would have their backs.

And thus Roots & Wings Consulting was born to work not only with children, but to support, empower, educate, and encourage the parents, educators, and caregivers who do the world’s most important work every day. We also recognize that a sense of belonging and significance, and roots and wings are not only beneficial to children, but to all of us, and that it’s never too late to create that in our own lives or in our families.

We offer individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as coaching, parenting classes, and other consulting services to address a variety of challenges from parenting and discipline struggles, to emotional or relationship problems. In all services, we employ a strengths based approach to helping you to identify areas in your life that you want to change, and work with you to figure out how best to do that for yourself.

Our focus is on building stronger individuals, stronger families, and stronger communities by helping each person find what we are all looking for: roots and wings, a sense of belonging and significance, and a place that feels like home. Why? Because believe it or not, when your feet are planted firmly on the ground, it’s easier to fly. Believe you can fly…we do!