Our Commitments…


Our Clients –  We strive to provide the highest quality of compassionate, professional, and ethical service. We hear our client’s voices, and partner with them in every aspect of their treatment from goal planning to evaluation. We respect their unique cultures, histories, values, and circumstances. We maintain their privacy and their dignity, and respect their choices.   We encourage and incorporate their feedback to improve their care in particular, and our services in general. We see each client as an individual with unique challenges, needs, and strengths.

Our Mantra – Work with them not on them.

Ourselves –     We take care of ourselves understanding that we can only give our best when we’re at our best.   We hold ourselves to high standards, but work towards progress not perfection. We celebrate our successes. We recognize our mistakes, and look at them as opportunities for learning and growth. We recognize that we are perpetual learners. We work at being at least as good to ourselves as we are to everyone else.

Our Mantra – I will be satisfied with my best version of the real authentic me.

Each Other -We support and encourage each other. We operate democratically whenever possible. We consult each other with genuine openness and respect for each other’s feedback. We give feedback with honesty, respect, and a focus on solutions. We listen to each other’s words and actions.   We give each other space when needed, and connection when needed. We work as a team.

Our Mantra – If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.

Our Environment –  We set up our spaces with respect for our preferences, as well as the needs of the people we serve in those spaces, and always with a goal of creating an environment that is safe, clean, and nurturing. We personalize our spaces for permanence and connection. We give more to the environment and to the community than we take from it.

Our Mantra – Design spaces for miracles, not minimums.

Our Mission –         Stronger Individuals ~ Stronger Families ~ Stronger Communities – We remember our mission and we know that our success at meeting this mission is the primary measure of the health of our practice.

Our Mantra – Mission over Money.

Again, thanks for all the work that went into this site! It’s beautiful and I’ll be so proud to show it off. Please let me know if you have any questions about my questions or any new content I provided.